April 30, 2015

Water Care

Pool & Spa Water Care

Peterson Pools & Spas prides itself on offering an excellent after sales service for our clientele, providing year round Spa and Pool Water Testing service in our store. To maintain your Pool and Spa we recommend bringing a sample of your water into our Water lab a few times for the first month of ownership and then monthly thereafter. If you cannot find your test bottle, a clean 12oz bottle will do. The test takes only a few minutes in our Water lab and the results are the most accurate test results available using our new LaMotte Waterlink SpinDisk System. After the test we will supply you with a computerized printout with recommend.tions to keep your pool and spa water clean and clear.

Water lab


Fresh Water Pool Care

Opening / New Water Care
  1. Day 1: Scale, Metal Remover
    Add Metal Wizard (1qt / 10, 000g) to prevent Staining and Scale.
  2. Day 2: Algae Prevention
    Add Algaecide (1qt / 10, 000g) to prevent Algae.
    Add Quick Shock (1lb / 10, 000g) to establish a Chlorine residual.
    Add Chlorine Pucks in Dispenser & Set to High.
  3. Day 3: Oxidize Organic Waste
    Add Wipe Out (1lb / 10, 000g) to destroy “dead” chlorine.
Weekly Pool Water Care

Follow five weekly steps and your pool will thank you!

  1. Test & balance water accordingly
  2. Shock your pool with Quick Shock or Liquide Chlorine
  3. Prevent Stain and Scale with Metal Wizard
  4. Prevent Algae with Break 90
  5. Boost Clarity Natural Chemistry Clear Clarifier.
Closing Water Care

Closing your pool is almost the same as opening but in reverse! After you lower your water you add the following chemicals:

  1. Scale
    Add Metal Wizard (1qt/ 10, 000g) to prevent Staining and Scale.
  2. Algae Prevention
    Add Break 90 (1qt / 10, 000g) to prevent Algae.
  3. Oxidize Organic Waste
    Add Wipe Out (1lb / 10, 000g) to destroy body oils, lotions and dirt.
  4. Super Chlorinate
    Add Quick Shock (1lb / 10, 000g) to establish a winter residual or add Liquid Chlorine 12.8%. (1g/ 10,000L)


Peterson Pools & Spas as several Spa Water Care Programs available to you. Below is a brief description on the different programs with tips for getting the most out of those systems. If you have any questions please contact our Water lab and a service representative will help you.

Spa Frog Inline Bromine Cartridge System

The FROG integrated water care system is available for all the Caldera line of Hot Tubs and makes hot tub water treatment amazingly simple. There’s nothing to measure or pour. Simply dial in your use level on the bromine cartridges and insert them into the integrated housing. The FROG system will continually keep your water
crystal clear.

FROG Replacement Cartridges

Available only from Caldera Spas dealers, our custom FROG bromine cartridge contains 200 grams of bromine so it lasts longer than standard FROG bromine cartridges and is designed specifically for the water needs of Caldera Spas hot tubs. Replace bromine cartridges approximately every month depending on usage and spa size.

Caldera Ozone System RECOMMENDED with this System

The optional high-output Caldera Corona Discharge (CD) ozone system reduces the need for hot tub chemicals by continuously mixing highly concentrated ozone into the water. This system works efficiently with the FROG inline system, reducing the amount of chemicals required to maintain fresh, clean and clear spa water.

Loading Bromine or Chlorine Dispenser

A floating dispenser in your Spa is by far the most common form of spa sanitization today because it is easy and inexpensive. How it works is up to 5 small compressed tablets are inserted into a floater and over time the spa water dissolves the bromine or chlorine into the water. Although it is easy it is not the most pleasing to the comfort level of the spa users. Many times the dispenser adds to much bromine or chlorine to the water and the water may smell like chemicals. Also the low PH of tablets create a very acidic water experience causing users to itch.

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