How To Leave A Google Review

If you have a google account please click company name

Peterson Pools & Spas
Google Review
We highly value each customer and as such, we would love for you to review us on Google. It’s easy and will only take you a few minutes with these simple steps:
1. Go to and type
“Peterson Pools & Spas Minnetonka Minnesota”
“Peterson Pools & Spas Elk River Minnesota”
in the search bar.


2. Click on “Write a review” (if you are already signed into your Google account skip to step 5)



3. If you have a Google account but are not signed in you can do so now. After signing in you may
have to click on the “Write a review” button again.


4. If you do not have a Google account it is easy to create one. You don’t even need to sign up for a Gmail account because you can use your existing email address. Just click on “Create an Account” on the bottom of the page. After verifying your Google account return to Step Two click on “Write a Review”

5. Rate 1-5 Stars.

6. Write your review and then click on “Publish”


Thank you so very much. Your business and support is greatly appreciated by all of us at Peterson Pools & Spas Inc.