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At Peterson Pools & Spas, we build the best and service the rest! Peterson Pools & Spas was founded in 1982 by Greg Peterson, and even after 40 plus years of building pools, he still works hands on with every project to make sure its done the Peterson way.

Composite Pool

Not to be mistaken by other knock off's. Composite is not a polymer or structure foam wall. This is as strong as it gets for a tradtional steel alternative.

Tried and true for many years. With the added bonus of thicker gauge steel  and better reinforced walls then the competitor and a bonus to alpha shield protection.

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Pool Perfection Powered by Pentair

Want to see many of the Pentair products that we use to keep your pool running less hassle. But, that’s the idea. We keep everything working, so you can relax and play with family and friends.

3D Pool Studio Design

"Pool Studio allows us to do so much and go into so much detail that the client feels like they are in their own backyard instead of just looking at a picture."

Think of it we can design the dream back yard in no time. And it takes all the guess work out trying to visually see where every thing will fit. From patio furniture, patio deck space and lounging area.

Lets get creative with your back yard dream

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