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For your pool cover, Peterson Pools & Spas recommends Coverstar pool covers because they're the best in the business.

And here's why:

The Most Durable and Reliable Mechanism. Ultra strong stainless steel brackets make Coverstar the best automatic safety cover on the market. Nothing stands up better in a harsh, corrosive pool environment. That’s why COVERSTAR mechanism warranties are among the best in the industry.

Heat Sealed Webbing. The webbing, polymer bead and cover are all bonded into one piece. The process and high denier material make Coverstar webbing up to 15 times stronger than standard, sewn webbing.

A Sealed Motor. The motor’s hardened stainless steel shaft and oil-bathed gears eliminate problems. The motor can operate even if completely submersed.

Stainless Steel Rope Guide Feeds. They prevent the ropes from snagging and tearing the cover. Because they’re stainless, they last and last.

High Tech Powerflex™ Ropes. This special rope acts like a shock absorber, so it’s self-adjusting during operation. It also resists distortion that’s common with autocover ropes.

Custom-Designed, Field-Tested Pulleys. High quality rope pulleys are crucial to overall cover system performance. Coverstar uses special rope pulleys that provide maximum reliability.

Mechanical Torque Limiter. Coverstar’s mechanical torque limiter protects the motorized mechanism from too much stress. Other automatic covers often use an electronic limiter that can fail in a harsh pool environment.

Heavy-Duty Sliders. Coverstar’s are the strongest in the industry, featuring an extra slide channel that prevents binding and stress that wears out the mechanism.

Keyed Safety Switch. The weatherproof toggle switch locks for secured access, but can open or close your pool in less than a minute.