EXCLUSIVELY FEATURING PATENTED TECHNOLOGIES NOT AVAILABLE IN POLYMERScientist, lab technicians, and product engineers together created Structural Armor by combining advanced material technology with AutoCad Inventor 3D computer product design technology. Partnering in the development of the Structural Armor retaining wall system, the product engineers worked hand in hand with the material technicians using Computer Added Finite Element Analysis modeling to determine the exact fiber reinforced composite material blends and the exact product design to maximize strength. The end result... The strongest, non-corrosive construction component wall system that has ever developed for the construction of swimming pools.

Structural Armor Breakdown


History of Swimming Pool Building MaterialsAs noted in Wikipedia, the transition of building materials for swimming pools throughout time has evolved to the latest and most advanced Fiber-Reinforced Composites. With patents and patents pending, Only Alpha Pool Products is the ONLY company who manufactures a true, compression-molded Composite Swimming Pool Panel. Be sure to ask your Pool Professional for the product that will last a lifetime!


They all can't break the strength of Only Alpha's Fiber-Reinforced Composite Panel!

Polymer / structural foam panels, which are simply plastic, are an injection molded product, much like the cheaper adirondack chairs, that are brittle and do not hold their shape with the slightest temperature change or break when pressure is applied.

Do NOT confuse polymer or structural foam for a true COMPOSITE!

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