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When you need a new liner for your pool the most important decision is who you hire to measure and install it. If the measurements are not perfect the liner won't fit right. If the installer is inexperienced the new liner won't look right nor will it last as long. Don't let the novice practice with your pool.

Greg Peterson has been measuring in-ground pool liners for 40 years. No one in the Twin Cities does it better. Our installers are professionals with 20+ years of experience.

The better a pool liner fits, the better it looks and wears. GLI Pool Products utilizes sophisticated computer design and cutting systems. This ensures that your pool liner is custom-fit to your order every time, even around details like steps, cut-outs and other water features. Using only 20 or 28 Mil Virgin Vinyl, our craftsmen employ state-of-the art radio frequency equipment, ensuring that every seam is sealed to last. All GLI liners undergo rigorous inspection to ensure that every customer gets a flawless liner - every time!

The right pool liner can transform the entire look of your pool. The right pool liner manufacturer can make that look last longer. Here at Tara Manufacturing, we began manufacturing vinyl pool liners in 1984 to fill the need for pool liners that fit. Precision and attention to detail are the hallmarks of a Tara Liner. We invest in only American made virgin vinyl, because it is proven to fit better and last longer. It also means the pattern and colors that capture your eye will stay bright and vivid for years to come. Our strict quality measures and experience make a Tara Liner unique, as unique as your pool.

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