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Dolphin has a rich heritage of more than 35 years cleaning the world’s residential swimming pools. This heritage is built on a legacy of innovative pool cleaning technologies, convenience and peace of mind. The end result is a sparkling clean pool.

Dolphin is a robotic cleaner that circulates your pool, picking up debris and scrubbing away dirt and algae from the floor, walls, and waterline. Its smart technology maps out the most efficient cleaning route, navigates using PowerStream mobility, and can sense obstacles as it works. 

Dolphin features vary for above ground and in ground pools, and can be upgraded to add efficiency and convenience. Explore the many features of Dolphin Pool Cleaners and see which Dolphin is right for your pool!



The S50 is designed specifically for above-ground pools p to 30 ft. It will scan the floor of the pool and map out a route for cleaning. The S50 collects dirt and debris while also scrubbing away at the floor of your pool with its Active Brushing feature. Its efficient power system and light design make this Dolphin the perfect choice for above-ground pools!


The S200 is the plug-and-play model for in-ground pool owners. This robot will clean your pool floor, and climb and scrub your walls! It has two different filters; a rough filter for leaves, twigs, and larger debris, as well as a fine pleated filter for smaller particulates. 


The S300 is a Deluxe class cleaner that comes with a caddy to store the robot and its cord. It can be programmed to run automatically at regular intervals, and paired with your phone to make adjustments (or drive it around!). Its multilayered filtration and efficient programming make this an ideal cleaner for your pool!


The S300i is similar to the S300, but has a couple more tricks up its sleeves. This includes the ability to set the cleaner to run on certain days of the calendar and choose to only clean the walls or floors. The 300i’s basket also utilizes dual-level filtration, cleaning up rough and fine particulates simultaneously. See the video above for details on the S300i!


The M400 is the workhorse Dolphin. With 6 brushes and dual-level filtration with its extra basket, it is capable of handling the toughest jobs. It even has all the programming features of the S300!

Not sure which Dolphin is right for your pool? We are happy to help! Contact us to learn more about each Dolphin’s features and capacity, or to get pricing.

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